DATE: December 13, 2010

SUBJECT: Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2005-47, Miscellaneous Amendments

SOURCE: Federal Register, December 13, 2010, Vol. 75, No. 238, page 77722

AGENCIES: Department of Defense (DOD), General Services Administration (GSA), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

ACTION: Final and Interim Rules

SYNOPSIS: The Federal Acquisition Secretariat is issuing FAC 2005-47 to amend the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) in the following areas: (1) notification of employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act; (2) HUBZone program revisions; (3) preventing abuse of interagency contracts; (4) Small Disadvantaged Business Program self-certification of subcontractors; (5) uniform suspension and debarment requirement; (6) limitations on pass-through charges; and (7) Buy American exemption for commercial information technology that is construction material.

DATES: The effective date for these rules is December 13, 2010, except Items II and VI are effective January 12, 2011.

ADDRESSES: Submit comments on Items I, III, IV, and V on or before February 11, 2011, to: (a) http://www.regulations.gov; or (b) mail: General Services Administration, Regulatory Secretariat (MVCB), ATTN: Hada Flowers, 1275 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20417. Identify comments on Item I by "FAC 2005-47, FAR case 2010-006"; Item III by "FAC 2005-47, FAR case 2008-032"; Item IV by "FAC 2005-47, FAR case 2009-019"; and Item V by "FAC 2005-47, FAR case 2009-036."


      Item I, Clare McFadden, 202-501-0044.

      Items II and IV, Karlos Morgan, 202-501-2364.

      Item III, Lori Sakalos, 202-208-0498.

      Item V, Millisa Gary, 202-501-0699.

      Item VI, Edward Chambers, 202-501-3211.

For general information, contact the FAR Secretariat, 202-501-4755.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Item I, Notification of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act

Item II, HUBZone Program Revisions

Item III, Preventing Abuse of Interagency Contracts

Item IV, Small Disadvantaged Business Program Self-Certification of Subcontractors

Item V, Uniform Suspension and Debarment Requirement

Item VI, Limitations on Pass-Through Charges

Item VII, Technical Amendments

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