DATE: December 18, 2001

SUBJECT: Department of Labor (DOL); Request for Duplicate Comments on Executive Order 13201 Implementation

SOURCE: Federal Register, December 18, 2001, Vol. 66, No. 243, page 65163

AGENCIES: Office of Labor-Management Standards, DOL

ACTION: Request for duplicate copies of comments affected by mail delivery problems.

SYNOPSIS: DOL is seeking duplicate copies of public comments on the October 1, 2001, notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) implementing Executive Order 13201, Notification of Employee Rights Concerning Payment of Union Dues or Fees, that may have been submitted through the U.S. mail but that have not yet been received because of mail delivery problems that DOL experienced from October through December 2001.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For information on the NPRM, see the October 1, 2001, FEDERAL CONTRACTS DISPATCH "Department of Labor (DOL); Notice of Employee Rights Concerning Payment of Union Dues or Fees."

DATES: Duplicate copies of comments on the NPRM that were originally submitted by U.S. mail before the November 30, 2001, close of the comment period, and that have not yet been received by DOL must be submitted and received by January 2, 2002.

ADDRESSES: Send duplicate copies of the NPRM comments to Don Todd, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Labor-Management Programs, Office of Labor-Management Standards, Employment Standards Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room N-5605, Washington, DC 20210. Because of the special circumstances that require the issuance of this notice, DOL prefers that the duplicate copies and accompanying documentation be transmitted by fax (202-693-1340) or by e-mail to OLMS-Mail@fenix2.dol-esa.gov. Note that the NPRM originally limited comments sent by fax to five pages or fewer, but this limitation will not apply to the transmission of duplicate copies.

Where necessary, hard copies may also be delivered to the address listed below in "For Further Information Contact" by hand delivery, courier service, or a package delivery service such as United Parcel Service, FedEx, or Airborne Express.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kay Oshel, Chief, Division of Interpretations and Standards, Office of Labor-Management Standards, Employment Standards Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room N-5605, Washington, DC 20210, 202-693-1233. Individuals with hearing impairments may call 1-800-877-8339 (TTY/TDD).

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: On October 1, 2001, DOL published an NPRM to implement Executive Order 13201, and invited comments by November 30, 2001. On October 22, 2001, because postal workers at the U.S. Postal Service's Brentwood mail distribution center in Washington, DC, were found to have been exposed to anthrax bacteria, DOL temporarily closed its mailrooms in the Washington metropolitan area that received mail from Brentwood, including the mailroom in the Frances Perkins Building (FPB). All mail that was addressed to the FPB, including all first-class mail postmarked October 12 or later, was redirected to a Lima, OH, facility to be irradiated.

The FPB mailroom reopened on Monday, November 26, 2001. However, because of the large amount of mail that was redirected to Ohio for irradiation, delivery of the redirected mail to its intendedrecipients has not yet been completed, and may not be completed for some time.

As of December 12, 2001, DOL had received comments about the NPRM from the following six commenters: the National Legal and Policy Center; the Employment Policy Foundation; the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc.; the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc.; LPA, Inc.; and a group of members of Congress who serve on the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce. DOL seeks information about, and duplicate copies of comments from, any other individuals or organizations who submitted comments about the NPRM by U.S. mail during the comment period. Such duplicate copies should be accompanied by documentation establishing that the comments were originally mailed on or before the November 30 deadline.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Panoptic Enterprises at 703-451-5953 or by e-mail to Panoptic@FedGovContracts.com.

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