DATE: October 24, 2001

SUBJECT: General Accounting Office (GAO); Filing of Protests and Related Documents

SOURCE: GAO Notice, October 24, 2001


ACTION: Notice

SYNOPSIS: Because of the recent anthrax attacks, GAO has implemented process changes that may significantly affect the filing of protests and related documents.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 24, 2001, until further notice.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Daniel I. Gordon, Associate General Counsel, 202-512-8219.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Because of the recent sending of anthrax through the United States Postal Service (USPS), GAO is making the following changes to its procedures.

GAO goes on to warn all parties to protests: "Until the delivery situation changes, we recommend that you rely on the use of faxes as much as possible. (EDITOR'S NOTE: GAO's protest fax telephone number is 202-512-9749.) We also recommend that you discuss potential delivery problems with the GAO attorney responsible for the protest as well as with the other parties to the protest. Where the new limitations on delivery cause late delivery of documents, our Office will take that into account and will endeavor to accommodate the circumstances of all protest parties in this regard."

The GAO goes on to address federal agencies: "Instances may arise where, because of the current security procedures, the telephone call from GAO providing the contracting agency official notice that a protest has been filed is not made until after the 10th day after award (or the 5th day after a required debriefing), even when a protest reached GAO in a timely fashion. We request that, if that happens, the agency nonetheless impose a stay so that the delays caused by the new security procedures do not deprive protesters of meaningful relief. If problems arise in this regard, please raise them with the GAO attorney handling the case, the Assistant General Counsel, or me [Daniel I. Gordon] (my telephone number is 202-512-8219)."

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