DATE: November 30, 2000

FROM: Barry McVay, CPCM

SUBJECT: Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation (DEAR); Acquisition of Products Containing Recovered Materials

SOURCE: Federal Register, November 30, 2000, Vol. 65, No. 231, page 71292

AGENCIES: Department of Energy (DOE)

ACTION: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

SYNOPSIS: DOE is proposing to amend the DEAR to provide guidance on the implementation of Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition, dated September 14, 1998.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The DEAR is available on the Internet at http://www.pr.doe.gov/dear.html.

For more on the recent issuance of three other "greening" executive orders (Executive Order 13148, Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management; Executive Order 13149, Greening the Government Through Federal Fleet and Transportation Efficiency; and Executive Order 13150, Federal Workforce Transportation), see the April 26, 2000, FEDERAL CONTRACTS DISPATCH "'Greening the Government' Executive Orders."

DATES: Comments on the proposed rulemaking must be received on or before close of business January 2, 2001.

ADDRESSES: Comments should be addressed to Richard Langston, MA-51, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Procurement and Assistance Management 1000 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20585.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Richard Langston, 202-586-8247, or e-mail: richard.langston@pr.doe.gov.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: On September 14, 1998, President Clinton issued Executive Order 13101 to improve the federal government's use of recycled products and environmentally preferable products and services. The executive order states that "it is the national policy to prefer pollution prevention, whenever feasible. Pollution that cannot be prevented should be recycled; pollution that cannot be prevented or recycled should be treated in an environmentally safe manner. Disposal should be employed only as a last resort." Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 97-18, published July 6, 2000, revised the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to implement Executive Order 13101 (see the June 6, 2000, FEDERAL CONTRACTS DISPATCH "Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 97-18, Miscellaneous Amendments"). To implement Executive Order 13101 and bring the DEAR into conformance with the revised FAR, DOE is proposing to make the following changes to the DEAR:

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