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December 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 12)             [pdf version]
     GSA Announces Transformation of Multiple Award Schedules
     FY 2018 Spending Up 14% to $491 Billion
     Task/Delivery Order Ombudsman Identification Proposed
     Number of Protests Steady in FY 2018
     GSA Proposes Construction Manager as Constructor
     DOD Issues Deviation on Use of Fixed-Price Contracts

November 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 11)             [pdf version]
     FAR Reissued, Posted on Acquisition.gov
     DOD Keeps DFARS Cleanup Rolling Along
     CAAC Deviation Removes Determination Requirement

October 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 10)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-101 Updates Instructions for System for Award Management Registration
     DOD Continues Cleaning Up the DFARS
     USDA Proposes 30 New Biobased Products
     Federal Minimum Wage Increased to $10.60/Hour for 2019
     VA Resumes Cleaning Up the VAAR

September 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 9)             [pdf version]
     $717 Billion Defense Authorization Act Addresses DOD Micro-Purchase Threshold, Commercial Items
     FAC 2005-100 Finalizes Paid Sick Leave Rule
     DOD Returns from Summer Vacation with Lots of Rules
     CBCA Revises Procedures to Prefer Electronic Filing
     Threshold for FSS OLMs Clarified
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 3 1/2%
     GSA Releases FY2019 Per Diem Rates

August 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 8)             [pdf version]
     Acquisition 360 Proposed as Standard Survey Allowing Offerors to Critique Solicitations
     Twelve More Biobased Products Designated
     Commercial Items Exemption from CAS Clarified
     New SAM Login Procedures Established

July 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 7)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-99 Prohibits Contracts with Kaspersky Lab, Entities Violating Arms Control Treaties
     DOD Continues Deluge of Rules, Deviations
     FAR Rule to Expand Emergency Procurement Authority
     NASA Removes Chunks of the NFS
     EPA Discontinues Its Mentor-Protégé Program

June 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 6)             [pdf version]
     DOD Unleashes a Torrent of Rules, Removes Unnecessary DFARS Clauses and Provisions
     FAC 2005-98 Conducts Spring Housekeeping
     CAAC Issues Deviation Raising Cost of Pricing Threshold
     SBA Waives Nonmanufacturing Rule for Airway Devices
     GAO Issues New Bid Protest Guide

May 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 5)             [pdf version]
     GAO Introduces Electronic Protest System, Assesses $350 Filing Fee
     DOD Cranks It Up For Spring!
     Phase II of VAAR Update Finalized
     Treasury Finalizes Tax Check Requirement Rule
     HUDAR Revisions Proposed
     SBA Proposes Revised Size Standards Methodology

April 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 4)             [pdf version]
     GSA Detects Fraudulent Activities in the System for Award Management
     Fourth Revision to VAAR Proposed
     DOD Amends Mentor-Protégé Program
     NASA Revises Invoice Submission Process
     OFPP Proposes Reducing Value Engineering Reporting
     CBCA Proposes Preference for Electronic Filing

March 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 3)             [pdf version]
     CAAC Authorizes Deviation Increasing Simplified Acquisition and Micro-Purchase Thresholds
     Unenforceable Commercial Terms Addressed in GSAR
     DOD Seeks Comments on “PALT” Definition
     FFP Cost or Pricing Data Exemption Clarified
     Phase I of VAAR Update Finalized

February 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 2)             [pdf version]
     GSA Authorizes Order-Level Materials on Federal Supply Schedule Orders
     SBA Proposes SDVOSB Ownership and Control Rules
     VAAR to be Revised to Align with the FAR
     FAC 2005-97 Revises Trade Agreements Thresholds
     DOD Provides Guidance on Commercial Item Procurement
     Mileage Reimbursement Set at 54.5˘ Per Mile for Autos

January 2018 (Vol. XIX, No. 1)             [pdf version]
     2018 Defense Authorization Act Increases Simplified Acquisition, Micro-Purchase Thresholds
     Trade Agreements Thresholds Revised
     DOD Finishes 2017 with a Flourish
     Prompt Payment Interest Rates Set at 2 5/8%

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