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December 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 12)             [pdf version]
     FY 2016 Defense Authorization Act Undertakes “Multi-Year Effort”
     DUNS Number Proposed for Removal from FAR
     DOD Picks Up Pace of Revisions to DFARS
     NASA Finalizes Two Rules

November 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 11)             [pdf version]
     OMB Establishes Standard Configurations for Laptop and Desktop Computers
     DOD Maintains Slow and Steady Pace for DFARS Revisions
     Three FAR Rules Proposed
     OMB Proposes A-130 Revisions, Seeks Comments
     NASA Amends Drug, Alcohol-Free Workplace Clause

October 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 10)             [pdf version]
     President Orders Paid Sick Leave for Employees of Federal Contractors
     FAC 2005-84 Finalizes EPEAT® Expansion
     Federal Minimum Wage Increased to $10.15/Hour for 2016
     Women-Owned Business Sole Source Regulations Finalized
     DOD Takes It Easy in September
     Denied Access to NASA Facilities Clause Finalized
     OFCCP Finalizes Regulations Prohibiting Pay Secrecy

September 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 9)             [pdf version]
     DOD Issues Regulations on Network Penetration Reporting and Contracting for Cloud Services
     Updates for 2017 Version of NAICS Proposed
     NASA Increases Capitalization Threshold
     DOD Enters into Supply Security Arrangement with Spain

August 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 8)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-83 Adjusts Federal Acquisition-Related Thresholds, Makes FAR Subpart 13.5 Permanent
     Labor Proposes Revising Overtime Pay Rules
     Agencies to Convert to All-Electronic Invoicing
     GSA to Remove Unnecessary Construction Clauses
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 2 3/8%

July 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 7)             [pdf version]
     DOD Adjusts Acquisition Thresholds to Reflect Changes in Consumer Price Index Since 2010
     FAR Changes Would Implement Small Business Jobs Act
     NASA Issues Third (and Final) Increment of 2015 NFS
     DOE Addresses Clause Proliferation in STRIPES

June 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 6)             [pdf version]
     FAR Council, Labor Issue Proposed Regulations, Guidance on “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” Executive Order
     FAC 2005-82 Finalizes Three Rules
     DOD Finalizes, and Proposes, More DFARS Changes
     Sole Source WOSB/EDWOSB Contracts Proposed
     GSA Addresses Acquisition Process
     Four Agencies Address Their Acquisition Supplements

May 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 5)             [pdf version]
     Dialogue Initiated to Reduce Reporting Compliance Costs for Contractors
     OMB Seeks Comments on FITARA Implementation
     Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Protected in FAR
     EPA Removes Source Selection Regulations
     DOD Issues Better Buying Power 3.0
     NASA Proposes Third, and Final, Set of NFS Revisions

April 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 4)             [pdf version]
     Court Rules Federal Supply Schedules Subject to Commercial Acquisition Rules
     DOD Conducts Mop-Up Operations
     DOE Makes Several Changes to Acquisition Procedures
     Petition Received on Contractor Political Contributions
     Comments Sought on Domestically Nonavailable Articles
     Acquisition Regulations Subjected to Spring Cleaning
     GSA Proposes to Clarify Terms Incompatible with Law
     GSA Proposing Transactional Data Reporting

March 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 3)             [pdf version]
     OFCCP Proposes Updates to Sex Discrimination Rules
     DOD Issues Multitude of Guidance (and Some Regulations)
     Advisory Small Business Size Opinions Available
     Governmentwide Mentor-Protégé Program Proposed
     GSA Revises Its Regulations
     DOSAR Brought Up-to-Date

February 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 2)             [pdf version]
     Trafficking in Persons, Uncompensated Overtime Subjects of FAC 2005-80
     Defense FAR Supplement Changes Abound
     SBA Proposes Two Nonmanufacturer Rule Waivers
     Whistleblower Protections Proposed for Contractors
     Three Final Rules Revise the EPAAR

January 2015 (Vol. XVI, No. 1)             [pdf version]
     Authority to Use Simplified Procedures for Commercial Items Up to $6,500,000 Made Permanent
     FAR Amended to Mandate $10.10/Hour Minimum Wage
     DOD Conducts Regulation-Dump
     Two FAR Changes Proposed in December
     No Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Discrimination
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 2 1/8%
     Mileage Reimbursement Set at 57.5¢/Mile for Autos

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