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December 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 12)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-78 Standardizes Incorporation of Representations and Certifications in Contracts
     Five-Year Acquisition Threshold Adjustments Proposed
     Number of Protests Increased by 5% in FY 2014
     DOD Updates Four Types of Contract Clauses

November 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 11)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-77 Imposes Uniform Procurement Instrument Identification Numbering System
     $10.10/Hour Minimum Wage Established for Contractors
     Defense Clarifies, Cleans Up DFARS
     GSA Cleans Up GSAR Provisions

October 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 10)             [pdf version]
     OFCCP Proposes to Implement EO 13665 with Prohibitions Against Pay Secrecy
     Defense Unleashes Torrent of Regulations
     NASA Continues Updating NFS
     FAR Rule Would Address Past Performance Evaluation
     SBA Proposes Hundreds of Changes to Size Standards
     GSA to Update GSAR FSS Provisions/Clauses
     Labor Revises Veterans Reporting Regulations
     Anne Rung Confirmed as OFPP Administrator

September 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 9)             [pdf version]
     Obama Issues Order Requiring That Contractors Provide “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces”
     Looseleaf Version of GSAM Discontinued
     DOD Prohibits Contracting with “Sponsors of Terrorism”
     Uniform Line Item Identification Proposed
     Comments Sought on TechFAR Handbook
     DPAS Standards and Procedures Clarified
     Contractors to Report Summary Compensation Data
     HHS Protects Proprietary Material Providers
     EPA Proposes to Clean Up the EPAAR

August 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 8)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-76 Addresses Small Business Size/Status Protests; Equal Opportunity for Vets, Disabled
     DOD Conducts DFARS Clean-Up
     Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Order Issued
     Proposed FAR Rule on Pass-Through Contracts
     Education Acquisition Regulations Update Proposed
     EPA Addresses IDIQ Ordering, Work Assignments
     NASA Implements Whistleblower Protections
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 2%

July 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 7)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-75 Reduces Allowable Employee Compensation to $487,000, Expands EPEAT Products
     $10.10/Hour Minimum Wage Deviations Issued
     DOD Undertakes Housekeeping, NDAA Implementation
     SBA Addresses Small Business Size Standards
     Expanded Reporting of Nonconforming Items Proposed

June 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 6)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-74 Requires CAGE Codes, Repeals Recovery Act Reporting Requirements
     Proposals Sought for NAICS 2017
     Increased Wholesale, Retail Size Standards Proposed
     DOD Continues Revising Clauses with Alternates

May 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 5)             [pdf version]
     President Requires Collection of Compensation Data From Contractors and Subcontractors
     FAC 2005-73 Implements Law Codification of Title 41
     SBA Replaces Four Nonmanufacturer Waivers with Three
     Proposed FAR Rule Would Add Section K to Contracts
     Proposal Would Extend Contractor Employee Conflict of Interest Limits
     Dialogue Sought on Improving Federal Procurement
     DOD Updates Transportation, Financing Clauses
     GSA Expands Uses of Industrial Funding Fee

April 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 4)             [pdf version]
     DOD Provides Guidance on Performance-Based Payments
     Removal of Year 2000 Compliance Regulations Proposed
     EPA Removing Redundant Performance Information Regulations
     Treasury Requires Minority and Women Inclusion
     GSA Seeks Comments on Cybersecurity Recommendations
     GSA Reinstating FSS Modification Clause
     Labor Directed to Propose Changes to Overtime Regulations

March 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 3)             [pdf version]
     President Issues Executive Order Mandating $10.10/Hour Minimum Wage
     DOD Cranks Up DFARS Changes
     NASA Issues Proposal Adequacy Checklist
     FAR Changes Would Reflect 8(a) Program Revisions

February 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 2)             [pdf version]
     DOD Limits Use of Cost-Type Contracts for Major Defense Acquisition Programs
     DPAS Revisions and Clarifications Proposed
     GSA Seeking Comments on FSS Order-Level Materials
     Number of Protests Decreased by 2% in FY 2013
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 2 1/8%

January 2014 (Vol. XV, No. 1)             [pdf version]
     FY 2014 National Defense Authorization Act Establishes $625,000 as Compensation Amount (Maybe)
     FAC 2005-72 Revises Trade Agreements Thresholds
     Lots of Revisions (and Proposed Revisions) to the DFARS
     SBA Revises Size Standards for Utilities, Construction
     SBA Waives Nonmanufacturing Rule for Ovens
     Higher-Level Contract Quality Requirements Proposed
     OFPP Revises Value Engineering Guidance
     OFPP Refreshes PM Certification Program
     Government Property Provision, Clause Added to DOSAR

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