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December 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 12)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-54 Permits Small Business Set-Asides For Multiple-Award Contracts
     Limitation on Generic DUNS Number Substitutes Proposed
     SBA Proposes Increasing Small Business Size Standards
     3% Payment Withholding Repealed
     President, OFPP Order Spending Reductions

November 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 11)             [pdf version]
     SBA Proposes Rules Implementing Small Business Jobs Act
     FTR Amended to Address TDY Lodging Expenses
     SBA Proposes Increasing Small Business Size Standards
     Proposed FAR Rule Would Require Privacy Training

October 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 10)             [pdf version]
     OFPP Issues Policy Letter on Inherently Governmental and Critical Functions
     Thirteen More Items Proposed for Biobased Designation
     Rule on Constitutionality of SDB Programs Proposed
     COFC Agrees Limit on IDIQ Protests Has Expired
     Approval of Certain GWACs, MACs, BPAs Now Required

September 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 9)             [pdf version]
     Displaced Service Workers Get Right of First Refusal
     A Few More Changes to the DFARS
     Cost Accounting Standards' Foreign Exemption Repealed
     NFS Award Fee Language Revision Finalized
     Changes to DIAR Finalized

August 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 8)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-53 Extends Protests of Task/Delivery Orders, Standardizes Unique PIIDs
     CAS Applicability Threshold Changed to Reflect TINA
     One Nonmanufacturer Rule Retracted, One Denied
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 2 1/2%

July 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 7)             [pdf version]
     Energy Priorities and Allocations System Expanded to Promote the National Defense
     DFARS Rules All Over the Place!
     FAR Rules on Prioritizing Supply Sources, Performance
     GAO Rules Limits on IDIQ Protests Have Expired
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Retraction for Propellants
     GSA Implementing IT Security Provision

June 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 6)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-52 Requires Agencies to Leverage Acquisitions to Foster Sustainable Technologies
     Transportation Size Standard Increases Proposed
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived for Intensifier Tubes
     NASA Proposes Rule on Anchor Tenancy
     Labor Revises Products on Child Labor List
     State to Allow Non-Citizen Contracting Officers

May 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 5)             [pdf version]
     Women-Owned Small Business Program Instituted by FAC 2005-51
     Organizational Conflicts of Interest Changes Proposed
     Proposals on Service Contract, Property Reporting
     The Avalanche of DFARS Changes Keeps Piling Up
     Paper Versions of FMR and FTR Discontinued
     Eyeglass Frames Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Proposed
     State Adopts PIV Procedures
     Agencies to Develop Telework Purchasing Procedures

April 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 4)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-50 Mandates Competition for MAC Orders, Socioeconomic Program Parity
     An Avalanche of DFARS Changes!
     Technical Services Size Standards Increase Proposed
     EDAR Reissued
     Changes to DIAR Proposed
     GSA to Restore Construction Final Payments Guidance
     Energy Proposes to Update Government Property Regs

March 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 3)             [pdf version]
     SBA Revises 8(a) Program, Small Business Size Regulations
     After Hiatus, DOD Resumes Rampage Through DFARS
     SBA Revises Small Business Status Protest Regulations
     Government Awards $537 Billion in FY10
     OFPP Addresses Communications with Industry
     OFPP Issues Guide for Attracting Acquisition Talent
     Contract Transparency Not to Be Pursued, For Now
     DEAR Brought Up-to-Date
     NFS Implements FAR Award Fee Revision
     NFS Revision Would Discourage EVM for FFP Contracts

February 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 2)             [pdf version]
     Public Permitted Access to Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System
     Defense Authorization Act Enacted
     Veteran Owners Don't Have to Work Full-Time
     DOT Improves DBE Program
     New NASA Rules on Government Property, IT Security
     Update of FPDS Product Service Code Manual Proposed
     OFPP Revises Emergency Acquisitions Guide

January 2011 (Vol. XII, No. 1)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-47 Revises HUBZone Program, Allows Subcontractor SDB Self-Certification
     Competitiveness Demonstration Program Removed
     DOD Continues Its Rampage Through the DFARS
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 2 5/8%
     Mileage Reimbursement Set at 51/Mile for Private Autos
     Treasury Proposes Update to Acquisition Regulations

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