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December 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 12)             [pdf version]
     SBA Suspends Two Small Businesses Alleged to be GTSI Fronts
     Another Deluge of DFARS Changes
     Fourteen More Items Proposed for Biobased Designation
     DEAR Updated, Conformed to FAR
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived for Gloves

November 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 11)             [pdf version]
     SBA Establishes Women-Owned Small Business Contracting Program
     SBA Increases Size Standards in 69 Industries
     Eight More Biobased Products Designated
     GTSI Suspended, Reinstated
     The DFARS Continues to Metamorphose
     Foreign Exemption to CAS Proposed for Removal

October 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 10)             [pdf version]
     Parity Among Small Business Programs Mandated by Statute
     FAC 2005-46 Exempts Commercial IT from BAA
     FAR Rule Would Address T&M/Labor-Hour Contracts
     USD(AT&L) Directs DOD to “Do More Without More”
     Defense Piles on More Changes to DFARS
     DEAR Implements Sustainable Acquisition
     Homeland Security Undertakes “Revision Initiative”

September 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 9)             [pdf version]
     Federal Acquisition-Related Thresholds Adjusted for Inflation
     Defense Acquisition-Related Thresholds Adjusted, Too
     Rule on Procurement Instrument Identifiers Proposed
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Issued for Lab Equipment
     Court of Federal Claims Upholds HUBZone Precedence
     DIAR Rewrite Adopted as Final
     GSAR Part 541 Added for Utility Services
     Department of Education Proposes Reissuing EDAR

August 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 8)             [pdf version]
     Contractors to Report Executive Compensation and Subcontract Awards
     Trade Agreements Thresholds Increased
     More Guidance and Regulatory Changes from DOD
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived for Tape Library Storage
     OMB Orders Immediate Review of IT Projects
     DOE Proposes More Updates to DEAR
     Two New Laws Will Affect Contractors

July 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 7)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-42 Addresses Disclosure of Noncompetitive Contract Justifications, Recovery Act
     A Plethora of Changes to DFARS in June
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived for LPG
     Prompt Payment Interest Rates Set at 3 1/8%
     DOE Proposes to Update DEAR
     DHS Finalizes Textiles Rule, Proposes Emergency Limits
     OMB Orders Halt to Financial Systems Acquisitions

June 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 6)             [pdf version]
     DOD Implements Restriction on Contractor Use of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements
     DOD Publishes Five Proposed Rules, Two Deviations
     FAR Changes Proposed on Terminations, ID Verifications
     Information on Enhancing Transparency Sought
     One Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Proposed, One Denied

May 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 5)             [pdf version]
     President Establishes Task Forces for Small Businesses and Veteran-Owned Businesses
     FAR Amended to Encourage Project Labor Agreements
     Labor Organizing Costs Proposed to be Unallowed
     President Orders Recovery Act Reporting Enforcement
     Executive Compensation Benchmark Increased to $693,951
     DOD Rolls Out More Policies and Regulations
     Tactical Vest Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Proposed
     DIAR Rewritten

April 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 4)             [pdf version]
     Contracting Officers to Check Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System
     FAC 2005-39 Extends FAR Subpart 13.5 Through 2011
     SBA Reproposes Women-Owned Small Business Program
     Liquid Propane Gas Nonmanufacturer Waiver Proposed
     HUBZone Preference Upheld by Court of Federal Claims
     Multitude of DOD Regulations and Deviations Issued
     SBIR Award Limitations Increased
     Policy on Inherently Governmental Functions Proposed
     Commerce Acquisition Regulation Rewritten

March 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 3)             [pdf version]
     Inflation Adjustments Proposed for Acquisition Thresholds
     Veteran Business Status Verification Rule Finalized
     USDA Proposes Another Nine Biobased Items
     DOD Addresses Procurements on Its Behalf, Competition
     GSAR Part 512 Rewritten

February 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 2)             [pdf version]
     Proposed DFARS Changes Address Business Systems and Increased Acquisition Thresholds
     Mileage Reimbursement Reduced to 50˘/Mile for Autos
     President Issues Memo on Tax Delinquent Contractors
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Proposed for Liquified Gases
     Second Half of DEAR Proposed for Rewrite
     Postal Service Revising Disagreement Resolution
     Number of Bid Protests Increased 20% in FY 2009

January 2010 (Vol. XI, No. 1)             [pdf version]
     FAC 2005-38 Mandates IPv6, Addresses Postretirement Benefits and Travel Costs
     Thresholds for Trade Agreements Adjusted
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set At 3 1/4%
     Slew of DOD Memos and DFARS Changes
     OMB Issues More Guidance on Recovery Act Reporting
     Sole Source Contracts for Veteran-Owned Businesses

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