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December 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 12)
     FAC 2005-29 Requires Contractors to Verify Workers' Eligibility for Employment
     Contractor Ethics Requirements Toughened
     Contractors Might Represent IT Products’ Authenticity
     DOD Revises Government Property Identification Rules
     GAO Reasserts Authority on Task Order Protests

November 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 11)
     2009 Defense Authorization Act Includes Clean Contracting Act
     GAO Rules Task Orders Subject to Set-Aside Procedures
     GSAR Rewrite Keeps Rolling Along
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waivers Proposed
     DFARS Addresses Selected Reserve, Human Subjects
     Women-Owned Business Assistance Program Instituted
     Nine More Biobased Items Proposed

October 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 10)
     FAC 2005-27 Requires "Enhanced Competition” for Task and Delivery Orders
     SBA Ceases Certifying SDBs
     DFARS Implements 2008 Defense Authorization Act
     Removal of GSAR Part 505 Proposed
     State and Local Governments Can Buy Off Schedule 84
     Comments Sought on Harmonization of CAS 412 and 413
     FEHBAR Would Clarify Rate Setting Process
     NASA to Update Its Mentor-Protégé Program

September 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 9)
     DFARS Amended to Address Competition For Purchases from Federal Prison Industries
     Increased Limits Proposed for SBIR Awards
     GSAR Rewrite Begins to Show Results
     VA Proposes Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Asides
     NASA Proposes Personal ID Verification of Contractors

August 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 8)
     SBA Increases Monetary-Based Small Business Size Standards by 8.7%
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 5 1/8%
     Auto, Motorcycle Reimbursement increased to 58.5¢/Mile
     GSAR Rewrite Continues
     OMB Releases Last Set of FY 2007 FAIR Act Inventories
     President Orders Security Clearance Reform
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waivers Retracted, Reclassified
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Granted for Televisions
     DFARS Addresses Export-Controlled Items
     Restrictions on Specialty Metals Proposed

July 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 7)
     President Orders Contractors to Verify Immigration Status of Federal Contract Employees
     GSAR Undergoing Rewrite
     DOD Reinstates Set-Asides Under FAR Subpart 19.10
     OFPP Issues Guidance on Interagency Acquisitions
     GAO’S Protest Regulations Amended
     GAO Contract Appeals Board Established
     SBA Grants One Nonmanufacturer Waiver, Proposes One
     Contractors Banned from Conducting Business in Sudan
     Acquisition-Related Legislation Enacted
     OMB Releases First Set of FY 2007 FAIR Act Inventories
     Safavian Conviction Overturned

June 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 6)
     USDA Adds 27 Items to Biobased Products List, Exempts DOD and NASA from Requirements
     FY 2006 Federal Spending Tops $400 Billion
     Proposed Contractor Ethics Rule Being Revised
     SBA to Hold Meetings on Size Standards Review
     Three Nonmanufacturer Rules Waived, One Proposed
     New Regs Address Veterans' Employment, Ownership
     DHS Authorizes One-Step Turnkey Design-Build Contracts
     CAS Address Costs for Contractors' ESOPs
     CBCA Revises Rules of Procedure
     DFARS Addresses Excessive Pass-Through Charges Again

May 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 5)
     FAC 2005-25 Requires Tax Delinquency Reporting, Electronic Subcontract Reporting
     Doan Resigns as GSA Administrator
     DOD Seeks More “Nontraditional Contractors”
     EVMS Policy Added to DFARS
     FAR Proposals For Progress Payments, Performance
     Three Nonmanufacturer Rule Waivers Proposed
     Federal Acquisition System Requirements Proposed

April 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 4)
     Personal and Organizational Conflicts of Interest For Contractors Under Consideration
     Executive Compensation Benchmark Raised to $612,196
     FAR Rule Would Clarify Socioeconomic Program Parity
     DOD Issues Rules on WAWF, Contractor Personnel
     New CAS Clause for Contracts with Foreign Concerns
     Auto Reimbursement Increased to 50.5¢/Mile
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived for Electrical Fixtures
     EPA Proposes Revision to Technical Direction Clause

March 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 3)
     FAC 2005-24 Removes Numbered Notes From Synopses, Mandates Common Security Configurations
     Limit on Urgent Noncompetitive Contracts Proposed
     CAS Board Invites Comments on Home Office Expenses
     DOD Suspends SDB Evaluation Adjustment One More Year
     DOE Proposes Revising DEAR Security Clause
     OFPP Provides Guidance on FY 2008 A-76 Competitions

February 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 2)
     Defense Authorization Act Restricts A-76 Competitions, Extends FAR Subpart 13.5
     Lots of DFARS Rules Saved for the New Year
     Three Nonmanufacturer Rule Waivers Granted
     EPAAR Amended to Address Award Term Policies
     VAAR Rewritten to Conform to Plain English Principles

January 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 1)
     SBA Proposes Set-Aside Program for Women-Owned Small Businesses
     Trade Agreements Thresholds Adjusted
     95% EPEAT-Registered Electronic Products Mandated
     OFPP Proposes Policy Letter on Green Acquisitions
     50% Goal Established for Performance-Based Buys
     Patent Rights Clause Added to DFARS
     Travel Cost Principle Proposed for Change
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waivers Granted, Proposed
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 4 3/4%
     Restrictions Proposed on Purchase Card Use

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