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December 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 12)
     Contractors Required to Develop Codes of Business Ethics and Conduct
     Waiver of Another Nonmanufacturer Rule Proposed
     FAC 2005-21 Rewrites FAR Part 27 in Plain English
     DOD Waives Specialty Metals Restriction for COTS
     Clause Addressing HSPD-12 Proposed for DOSAR
     OFPP Requires COTR Certification
     Proposed FAR Change Addresses Post-Retirement Benefits

November 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 11)
     Disaster Declared for California Wildfires, Local Set-Asides Authorized by Homeland Security
     Proposed FAR Rule Would Implement SmartBUY
     Results of Workforce Competencies Survey Announced
     SBA Proposes Changing Size Standard for Fuel Oil Dealers
     DOD Addresses United Kingdom, Italian Procurements
     EPA Proposes Award Term Policies and Procedures
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver for Irradiation Apparatus
     HUDAR Adopts Debarment and Suspension Rules

October 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 10)
     OFPP Recommends That Agencies Hire Annuitants to Fill Acquisition-Related Positions
     Pilot Program Requires Subcontract Reporting
     Tidying Up the DFARS
     GSA Simplifies Local Set-Asides for Recovery Contracts
     SBA Extends "GO Loan" Pilot Program
     OMB Releases Final Set of FY 2006 FAIR Act Inventories
     DOSAR Implements IT Security Requirements

September 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 9)
     FAC 2005-19 Addresses Personal Identity Verification Products, Free Trade Agreements
     OFPP Conducting Online Procurement Services Surveys
     OFPP Seeking Emergency Contracting Cadre
     Defense Issues Seven DFARS Rules During August
     NRC Increasing Size Standards

August 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 8)
     FAC 2005-18 Requires Contractors to Rerepresent Small Business Size Status
     SBA Proposes Change in Calculating Number of Employees
     Commercial T&M Contracts Exempt from CAS Coverage
     Harmonization of CAS with Pension Protection Act Sought
     Specialty Metals Waiver Proposed for COTS
     CBCA Issues Rules of Procedure
     DHS Proposes One-Step Turnkey Design-Build Contracts
     GSA Requests Comments on Emergency Travel Guide
     OMB Releases Two Sets of FY 2006 FAIR Act Inventories
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 5 3/4%

July 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 7)
     Cost Accounting Standards Threshold Increased to $650,000
     Application of CAS to Foreign Concerns Addressed
     OFPP Issues Emergency Acquisitions Guide
     Acquisition Workforce Remains Steady, Workload Grows
     DOE Proposes Regs for Energy Efficient Products
     DOSAR to Implement IT Security Requirements
     USAID Implements Mentor-Protege Program
     SBA Establishes Program for Military Entrepreneurs

June 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 6)
     FAR Coverage on Government Property Simplified, Clarified, Trimmed
     DOD Seeks, Responds to Public Comments
     Performance-Based Goal Set at 45% by OFPP
     DFARS Would Restrict Combat Vehicles Leasing
     Meeting on Program/Project Management Certification
     FAR to be Clarified on Products with Recovered Materials
     DEAR Clauses Updated
     NFS Stiffens Security Requirements for Unclassified IT

May 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 5)
     Certification Required for Program Managers of Major Acquisitions
     Size Standards for Airport Concessions Adjusted
     DOD Restricts Excessive "Pass-Through" Charges
     Administrative Changes Slated for AIDAR
     Proposed Change to "Cost or Pricing Data" Definition
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Denied for Used Oil

April 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 4)
     GSA Administrator Points Finger at IG As Primary Source of Controversy and Woes
     Executive Compensation Benchmark Raised to $597,912
     The FEMAAR is Abolished
     FAC 2005-16 Tidies Up Some Loose Ends
     Numbered Synopsis Notes Proposed for Deletion
     DOD Undertakes a Little More Spring Cleaning

March 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 3)
     Contractor Code of Ethics Proposed, Would Be Required for Awards Over $5 Million
     Green Meetings and Conferences Proposed for EPA
     DOD Undertakes a Little Spring Cleaning
     State, Local Governments to Use Schedules for Disasters
     DOD Suspends SDB Evaluation Adjustment Another Year
     GSA to Cease Funding FIPS 201 Product Evaluations
     Nonmanufacturer Waiver Denied for Cargo Containers
     References to FACNET to be Deleted

February 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 2)
     House Committee to Investigate GSA Administrator's Alleged Contract-Steering
     President Orders Federal Energy Conservation
     DOD-Unique Emergency Flexibilities Added to DFARS
     SBA Proposes New Definition for "HUBZone Employee"
     GSA Launches Program to Speed Schedule Award Process
     USAID Seeks Consent Before Replacing Subcontractors
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Proposed for Used Oil
     Auto Reimbursement Increased to 48.5 Cents/Mile

January 2007 (Vol. VIII, No. 1)
     Time-and-Materials and Labor-Hour Contracts Authorized for Commercial Services
     Proposed FAR Rules Stress Conservation
     Increased Use of Performance-Based Payments Proposed
     HHSAR Updated, Brought Into Conformance with FAR
     Year-End Closeout on DFARS Changes!
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Proposed for Cargo Containers
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 5 1/4%

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