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December 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 12)
     Businesses Required to Recertify Size Status on Contracts Longer Than Five Years
     Safavian Out on Bond Pending Appeal
     FAC 2005-14 Addresses Trade Agreements, Contractor IDs
     "JWOD Program" Renamed "AbilityOne Program"
     DFARS Changes Proposed on MIRRs, Fixed-Price Exception
     January Set for New Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
     NASA Implements Earned Value Management
     GSA Seeks Comments on Contractor Performance Guide
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Denied for Computers
     USAID Proposes Implementing Mentor-Protege Program

November 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 11)
     2007 Defense Authorization Addresses Training, Award Fees, Specialty Metals
     Safavian Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison
     DFARS Amended to Address Foreign Acquisitions
     GSA Reorganized
     FY 2005 Federal Spending Hit $366 Billion
     Business.gov is One-Stop for Compliance Resources
     10 More Biobased Items Proposed
     GSA Opens Surplus Sales Site
     Changes to FAR Contract Debt Coverage Proposed
     More FAR Changes Proposed for CAS Administration
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waiver Proposed for Computers
     Justice Launches Procurement Fraud Task Force

October 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 10)
     Micro-Purchase, Cost or Pricing Data, 8(a) Competition Thresholds Adjusted
     More Changes to Lobbying Restrictions Proposed
     DOD Restricts Use of "Tiered Evaluations"
     Direct-Hire Authority for Acquisition Positions Approved
     Equal Opportunity Survey Rescinded
     Federal Awards Website Approved
     Nonmanufacturer Rule for Plastic Pallets Waived

September 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 9)
     New Set-Aside Authorized for Major Disaster or Emergency Assistance Acquisitions
     Denett Confirmed as OFPP Administrator
     USDA Proposes 20 More Biobased Products
     NASA Proposes Information Technology Security Changes
     Administrative Changes to the DFARS
     Proposed FAR Rules Would Address ID Verification, IPv6

August 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 8)
     FAC 2005-11 Addresses Emergency Authorities, Earned Value Management
     Dun & Bradstreet to Validate CCR Name and Address Info
     OMB Provides On-Line Assistance to Small Businesses
     Boeing to Pay $615 Million for Hiring Darleen Druyun
     DFARS Coverage on Required Sources of Supply Updated
     Size Standard for Security Guards Increased
     FAR Coverage Proposed for Contractors Outside U.S.
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 5 3/4%

July 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 7)
     Former OFPP Chief Safavian Convicted, Faces Up to 20 Years in Prison
     Denett Testifies for OFPP Position
     FAC 2005-10 Mandates Electronic Wage Determinations
     New DFARS Rule on Contractors Accompanying Troops
     DOE Postpones Pension Decision for One Year
     SBA Proposes Women-Owned Small Business Program
     DOSAR Amended to Address Overseas Contracting
     EPA Permits Financing of Simplified Acquisitions
     SBA Waives Nonmanufacturer Rule for Furniture

June 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 6)
     Defense Requires RFID Tags for Additional Commodities and Locations
     Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation Finalized
     DOE Will Not Reimburse Defined Benefit Pension Plans
     Denett Nominated to be OFPP Administrator
     SBA Denies Nonmanufacturer Waiver for Ophthalmic Lenses
     Executive Compensation Benchmark Raised to $546,689
     Increased Size Standard for Airport Operations Proposed

May 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 5)
     FAC 2005-09 Revises A-76 Rules, Provides FedTeDS Guidance, Addresses Trafficking in Persons
     Coverage on Labor Laws Cleaned Up in DFARS
     Eliminate DPAS Set-Aside For Metalworking Machines?
     Make-or-Buy Plans for M&O Contractors Eliminated
     Taking "Early Bird" Registration Discounts Clarified
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived for Industrial Gases

April 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 4)
     DFARS Rules Finalized on Contract Consolidations, Component Breakout, Task Orders
     USDA Designates Six Biobased Products for Procurement
     FAR to Address Termination of Purchase Orders
     OMB Releases First Set of FY 2005 FAIR Act Inventories
     More Nonmanufacturer Waivers Considered, One Denied
     EPA Proposes Financing for Simplified Acquisitions

March 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 3)
     U.S. Trade Representative Lifts Sanctions Against Members of the European Communities
     DOD Suspends SDB Evaluation Adjustment Another Year
     Proposed Share-in-Savings Rule Withdrawn
     NASA to Hold Meeting on Procurement Policies, Practices
     SBA to Waive Two Nonmanufacturer Rules, Denies Two
     GSAR Rewrite Underway
     NASA Definition of HCA Revised
     Policy on Contractors with Disabled Employees Readied
     Electric Motor Efficiency Standards Being Prepared

February 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 2)
     2006 Defense Authorization Addresses A-76, Consolidates Civilian Boards of Contract Appeals
     Abramoff Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Tax Evasion
     Performance-Based Acquisition Procedures Revised
     Rewrite of the VAAR Proposed
     FAC 2005-08 Increases Trade Agreements Thresholds
     CAS Exemption for T&M, Labor-Hourt Contracts Proposed
     DOD Finalizes Many Proposed, Interim DFARS Rules
     HUDAR Revised to Conform to the FAR
     Nonmanufacturer Waiver Proposed for Water Treatment Chemicals
     OMB Establishes Civilian Contracting Certification

January 2006 (Vol. VII, No. 1)
     SBA Increase Small Business Size Standards for Services by 8.7%
     Inflation Adjustment Proposed for FAR, CAS Thresholds
     DFARS Amendments Address Task Order Contracts
     FY 2004 Federal Spending Hits $341.4 Billion
     SBA Issues Revised STTR Guidance
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 5 1/8%

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