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December 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 12)
     President Reinstates Davis-Bacon Act for Areas Affected by Katrina
     DFARS Amended to Address Telecommunications Services
     Size Standards Amended for Hurricane-Relief Programs
     SBA Taking More Actions on Nonmanufacturer Rules
     eSRS Becomes Operational, Mandatory for Civilians
     Proposed Increase in Size Standard for Security Guards
     Real Property Policies Updated in FMR

November 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 11)
     FAC 2005-06 Addresses IT Security, Cancels SDB Price Evaluation Adjustment for Civilian Agencies
     CCR Registrant's Taxpayer ID to be Validated
     Procedures for Billing and Payment Improved in DFARS
     Former OFPP Chief Indicted for Obstruction, False Statements
     SBA Waives Four Nonmanufacturer Rules
     Katrina's $250,000 Micro-Purchase Authority Restricted
     OFCCP Establishes Internet Application Data Rule

October 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 10)
     Hurricane Katrina Devastates Gulf Coast, Unleashes Billions in Emergency Relief
     OFPP Chief Arrested for Making False Statements
     RFID Requirements Included in DFARS
     SBA Amends HUBZone Eligibility Requirements
     Time-and-Materials Proposed for Commercial Services
     Government Property Regs Proposed for Rewrite, Again
     Automobile Reimbursement Increased to 48.5 Cents/Mile
     Should CAS Apply to Non-U.S. Contracts?
     SBA Proposes Nonmanufacturing Rule Waiver for Film

September 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 9)
     Small Businesses Win $69 Billion in FY 2004 Contracts
     Safety Issues Notification to be Added to DFARS
     Agencies Fail to Implement Race-Neutral Alternatives
     SBA Proposes Waiving Five Nonmanufacturing Rules
     New Charge Cardholders to Get Credit Checks
     GSA Announces Federal Acquisition Service Plan
     Labor Revises Regs to Permit "WDOL"
     Section 508 "Buy Accessible Wizard" Announced
     SBA to Increase Surety Fee

August 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 8)
     FAC 2005-05 Clarifies Justifications for Limiting Schedule Orders
     FAR Rule Would Address Fast Payment Procedures
     DOD Addresses Berry Amendment, Hawaiian Organizations
     Agriculture Proposes Six Biobased Items
     Comments Sought on Contractors' ESOPs
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 4 1/2%

July 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 7)
     FAC 2005-04 Requires Cost Data for Noncommercial Modifications of Commercial Items
     DFARS Standardizes Definition of "United States"
     FAR to Address Alaskan, Indian Subcontracting Credit
     NASA Amends Supplement on Access to Sensitive Info

June 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 6)
     OMB Directs Strategic Sourcing Implementation Beginning October 1, 2005
     OFPP Releases Revised FAIR Act Inventory Guidance
     OMB Releases Final Set of FY 2004 FAIR Act Inventories
     DFARS Addresses Task Orders Against Non-DOD Contracts
     Interior Finalizes Woody Biomass Utilization Rule
     SBIR Program to Implement Executive Order 13329
     Executive Compensation Benchmark Raised to $473,318
     SBA Creates Service-Disabled Veterans Office

May 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 5)
     FAC 2005-03 Permits Purchases From Federal Prisons Only If They Are Best Value
     FAR Implementation of Earned Value Proposed
     DFARS Transformation Momentum Builds
     Workforce Told to Avoid Brand Name Specifications
     OFPP Makes Civilian Acquisition Training Similar to DOD's

April 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 4)
     FAC 2005-01 Addresses Cost Accounting Standards Administration
     Rejected DPAS Orders Can Be E-Mailed
     Acquisition Functions Addressed in DFARS Changes
     OMB Releases Third Set of FY 2004 FAIR Act Inventories
     FAC 2005-02 Finalizes Service-Disabled Veterans Rule

March 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 3)
     DFARS Transformation Addresses Taxes, Services, Utilities, Extraordinary Relief
     Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived for Adhesives, Sealants
     Agencies Must Justify eTravel Missed Deadline
     Transportation Acquisition Regulation Reissued
     Automobile Reimbursement Increased to 40.5 Cents/Mile

February 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 2)
     FAC 2001-27 Implements Australian and Moroccan Free Trade Acts
     OMB Releases Second Set of 2004 FAIR Act Inventories
     SBA Clarifies Small Business Subcontracting Rules
     SDB Evaluation Adjustments Expire for Civilian Agencies
     Public Utility Disputes Addressed by GSA
     GSA Announces FPDS-NG Availability
     SBA Report Finds Small Business Coding a "Problem"
     USDA Publishes Biobased Products Guidelines
     AGAR Brought Into Conformance with FAR
     Prompt Payment Interest Rate Set at 4 1/4%

January 2005 (Vol. VI, No. 1)
     FAC 2001-26 Mandates Use of "Online Representations and Certifications Application"
     SBA Seeks Comments on Size Standards Issues
     DFARS Changes Address Task Order Contract Limit
     One Nonmanufacturer Rule Waived, One Proposed, One Terminated
     Labor Proposes Requiring WDOL Website

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